Banana Catch    Special price $16.50 each
Banana catches are used to link the top of the side gates together. They just flip over when you want to remove a gate.
 Corner Chain    Special price $16.50 each
Corner chains are to hold the front & rear side gates to the front cab rack & back gate.
 Corner Pin    Special price $16.50 each
Corner pins do the same as corner chains but they keep the gates much firmer with less movement.
 Gate Pocket + Pin (Type 1)    Special price $11.75 set
• Pockets $8.25 each
• Pins $3.50 each
Gate pocket type 1 is welded onto the outside of a flat edge tray for the gates to drop into.
 Gate Pocket + Pin (Type 2)    Special price $9.00 set

Great savings with the DIY accessories...
Hey, everyone's got a good mate with a welder?
• Pockets $5.50 each
• Pins $3.50 each
Gate pocket type 2 can be used for a channel or
I-beam type tray. It is also used for underneath the tray if fitting the gates on the inside of a flat edge tray. With a flat edge tray it depends on how wide the tray is as to whether the pockets go on the outside or inside the tray. Maximum width allowed is 2500mm.

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