Quality Gates and Fittings for Trucks & Trailers

Gates are the best way of helping to secure your freight on tray trucks & semi trailers apart from the normal tie-down straps & chains which must be used. They are a good load restraint on the inside of curtain siders or tautliners as most times the curtains are not classed as a load restraint. In the eyes of the law a side curtain is not classed as any help at all to hold freight unless it is certified as a load restraint curtain. If you have goods inside of a non-load-restraint curtain with no gates, it is classed as not being secured. Load-restraint curtains are normally only useful when your load is of equal weights along the tray. You would need to get a certificate from the manufacturer or it may be on the curtain somewhere.

Whatever you have, be it be called a Flatbed, Traytop, Tauntliner, Curtain-sider, 8-tonner, Semi-trailer, B-double, Roadtrain, Pig Trailer or Dog Trailer, we will have gates in stock that will fit. You just need to pick them up & weld the pins on to suit the holes in the tray or cut your own holes and away you go. No waiting to have them made. All the gates are made here in Perth.

Remember truck gates are only an extra to help hold the freight on your truck or trailer. You must still secure everything on the truck or trailer with straps or chains. Do not rely on the gates to hold everything in place.

The fines can be very severe for not having everything secured. Worse still, if something should cut though the curtain or fall off your tray and somebody gets hurt, you could be held responsible for any action taken against you being the driver, the person who loaded the goods, the owner of the truck or the owner of the company sending the goods.

Each of our gates is designed so that the pins can be welded on to suit the holes in the tray. The specifications page will tell you how much adjustment there is on each gate. You don't have to fit the catches or corner chains but they help hold the gates in place & keep them straight.

All you need to do is send the order of what you want and then we will email back an invoice for you to pay. Once the goods are paid for, you will be able to pick up the gates.

So easy, measure up and buy to suit. You know how much you need to pay even before the truck is on road. Great savings with the DIY accessories... Hey, everyone's got a good mate with a welder?

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